The fundamental principles help branches build a foundation of trust. They are critical to a branch's ability to reach marginalised and isolated communities when most others cannot.

The first accountability of a branch is to the communities it serves. This is enabled by its presence and representation. In all interactions with communities, a branch must demonstrate integrity, transparency, humility and honesty.

Tips and ideas.

Branches who are developing their capacities to be accountable:

Take seriously the obligations to use resources wisely and efficiently.

The branch recognises that supporters place their trust in the branch to use their funds and resources, and takes seriously the obligations to use these resources wisely and efficiently.

Strive to be increasingly transparent, sharing information

... about their work, explaining progress and challenges, and inviting feedback and ideas for strengthening their services.

Strive to be accountable to their volunteers and members, to other branches and to their headquarters

You have members and volunteers who might have their own interests, but the induction changes or sha...