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Branch Organizational Capacity Assessment (BOCA) is a self-assessment tool developed for branches of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies to identify and assess their strengths, limitations and challenges in relation to a wide range of organisational capacities.

It can be used as the one of the steps in a branch development process since it is focusing on assessing basic capacities, structures and conditions that are widely understood as being the core of what a branch needs to be able to function and perform well.
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The key guiding material for any facilitator to follow when conducting BOCA exercises, explaning the preparations and steps on how to conduct the BOCA in branches.

Please note that this guide is part of the BOCA ToF Step by Step by Guide (see above) for the English version.

This manual is to provide Trainers a practical step by step process in achieving quality training of candidates who aspire to be BOCA Facilitators at the end of this training.

This guides provides an overview of the BOCA process and the different steps for its implementation.

The capacity self-assessment tool to be used as part of a BOCA workshop.

This Guide provides a practical step by step guidance to analyse the NS BOCA reports.

Includes a number of templates, examples etc. related to a BOCA process

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