What do local branches do?
Within a branch there are multiple activities going on at the same time. Some of these are very visible to members, volunteers and the wider communities: activities and services, for instance. Others are less visible, but critical to keep the branch going and support the ongoing humanitarian actions of the branch.
What does a local branch do?

A branch has diverse functions, such as:

Engaging volunteers, members, and employees

Engages, trains, mentors, recognises and protects volunteers, youth, members, and employees, and provides a space in which they can perform, grow and develop.

Assessing needs and designing services

Identifies needs within communities and ways to respond to these through structured activities and ongoing services, including advocacy, preparedness, responding to and reducing individual and collective vulnerabilities. It is the first point of contact during crisis.

Organising structures and processes

Organises structures and processes to ensure its people are supported to assess, design and deliver services. It provides the interface between the community and the National Society, giving voice to issues most important to communities.

Mobilising resources

Mobilises financial and in-kind support primarily from local sources. It provides access to regional, national or international resources for emergencies when local resources do not suffice.

Communicating internally and externally and promoting the RC

Communicates internally and externally and promotes the fundamental principles and values of the Movement. It builds relationships with local institutions, including local authorities, to raise resources and coordinate action.

Learning and adapting its approaches

Learns by reflecting and reviewing its work and adapts its approaches based on this learning.

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Three questions
What activities and services does your branch offer?
What resources does your branch need to attract from the community?
Who are the key stakeholders of the branch?